Bioshock Infinite and Racism - Part I

I wanna play this so bad

I don’t think I ever want to play this game. Especially with the first pic of what looks like a witch hunt and 2 black people about to be burned at the stake…

This left a bad taste in my mouth…I don’t want to play this shit.

Reblogging for BigBlackWolfe to see the racist fuckery in Bioshock Infinite.

Also, I’m seeing a whole lot of people calling individuals like myself who don’t want to buy this game for the blatant racism ‘stupid’


I have EVERY FUCKING RIGHT not to want to buy a goddamn video game because of this shit. EVERY RIGHT.

These same mothafuckers be on that ‘freedom of speech’ bullshit, but when POC use it to say “Nope, not here for this shit. It’s racist,” they want to shout us down.


I’ll spend my 70 dollars on something that is WORTH MY FUCKING TIME.


The racist imagery in this game was completely unnecessary and I bet they did it to be controversial on fucking purpose without any regard to how that would make people feel. Or with regard, but not for any concern more so than their own shits and giggles.

Like this game could have been just as good without the overblown racist imagery of Black people.

It was mindblowingly obvious that they had a totally white audience in mind. As a white woman, I felt uncomfortable to the point where I just stopped playing for a while, so I really cannot imagine how POC must feel.

I would like to add that Bioshock doesn’t “deal with racism” like some people argue. There is a difference between simply presenting racism and “dealing” with it. Bioshock presents. Offering the player the option to decide to attack a couple for being different races is not “dealing with racism.” I do not recall a point in the game where we are told that racism is bad. Booker really, really, really doesn’t care. The Vox, and indeed Daisy, are presented as equally as bad as the force they are fighting against. Bioshock does not “deal with racism,” it uses racism as a prop. It uses the degrading of black people, the abuse of black people, as a prop. It uses the bodies of POC as a prop. I do not believe that the amount of imagery used was necessary - but I perhaps would have felt differently if the protagonist (who is after all, the player) had any sort of opposition to it rather than the “I’m not taking sides” apathy. If our protagonist was vocally anti-racist and if the Vox were not presented the way they were, it would’ve been different.

Before I go, I’m a huge Bioshock fan. It’s my favourite franchise. But the first half of this game was a 5/10 for me purely because of this issue. Irrational should’ve handled this a lot better. I felt pretty sick during a lot of the first half, and I do not believe they thought for a minute about the feelings of POC - and if you are going to make a game with strong themes of racism, POC should be your biggest priority. It is their history and experiences you are using to make your game.

Judging from the rest of your post, I highly doubt the last paragraph is true.  If that’s what you got out of the games, you obviously weren’t paying attention.

The entire point is that the scenery and interaction between characters clashes with your 21st century views.  The blatant, casual racism is supposed to be unsettling, intended to confont you, not convince you.  The game treats it as a very serious issue of the time and uses it to demonize the citizens of Columbia and especially its leader.  All of those posters are supposed to make you angry, but at the people of Columbia, not the developers.  And really, what more effective way is there to say “racism is wrong” than to just show racism and let everybody see just how fucking wrong it is?  If you need that spelled out it says more about you as a person than the game.  Personally, I prefer games that don’t treat me like a five year old.

Not only is calling this game racist bullshit, but the entire series attacks extremism on both sides.  The series criticizes complete and total freedom and pure capitalism with Rapture, and totalitarianism and fanaticism with Columbia.  And that’s the whole point of Bioshock: extremism is bad.


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The club can’t even handle Shepard right now.

The club can’t even handle Shepard right now.

I just read an article that said that people who say The Sims isn’t a real game or that casual gamers are ruining video games are misogynists because “it’s based on a fear of girls getting into the clubhouse.”

>only girls play The Sims

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Someone make this happen pls

Someone make this happen pls

"Every one of EA’s games include ESRB content descriptors so it’s hard to believe anyone is surprised by the content. This isn’t about protecting children, it’s about political harassment."
— Jeff Brown, responding to anti-gay groups’ messages about Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic

look how much it’s changed guise c’:

look how much it’s changed guise c’:

How I feel about Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

>make a character to appeal to the CoD audience

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>mfw the next Fable game is going to be an FPS

>mfw the next Fable game is going to be an FPS

Seems legit.

Seems legit.